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Interesting article about the growing popularity of train travel.


While it's not directly related to cycling, it's related to the trend away from individual car travel in the U.S. Perhaps this will make more state and local governments friendlier to mixed approaches to transportation policy and funding. Intercity trains, subways and cycling could get increased support and infrastructure.

washcycle, you okay? I know you're busy with the twins and all…

I'm ok. Hard drive....less so. Is it bad if you cant get to the Windows splash screen?

Also worked 60 hours last week ( despite the holiday) and will do the same this one.

Ride Washcycle! Ride!! I mean change diapers, work, change diapers, sleep, work, change diapers. You'll get through it. Forget about the blog for a while.

You should reward yourself with this:


Unless you already have it.

Thanks for posting! You had us worried.

Here's a headline you don't read every day: Bicyclist Survives After Dump Truck Runs Over His Head

the dump truck article contains a couple of our hot-button topics.

News stories that are written as though vehicles are autonomous: "when an unoccupied dump truck started rolling south on Quincy and struck him." So here's a case where it finally is true.

Helmets: "The man was knocked to the ground and one of the truck’s tires ran over his head, said Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. The man was wearing a helmet at the time and the helmet likely saved his life."

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