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I rode a section of the L Street cycletrack this morning -- conditions much improved in my opinion with the flex posts at the intersection entrances. Might be tough for pedicabs or large bike trailers to squeeze through, but they seemed to be very effective at keeping the cars out.

Someone's going to get killed in the new L street lane. i doubt we can rely on drivers to either 1 single or 2 yield to bikes. my big worry is someone is going to miss the opening and try to turn left from the furthest left straight lane.

I don't know. I heard the same thing about Penn Ave and 15th Street and so far it hasn't happened. {though there have been a fair number of crashes in the Penn Ave bike lanes}

yeah, but that's a design that's not based on having cars merge into the ACTUAL BIKE LANE. i rode L st the other morning and it felt very dangerous. It's also pretty slow, since it crosses a lot of main streets.

No, instead it has cars turning left across the bike lanes where bike traffic goes straight and emerges from behind parked cars.

So, they're different in design. But the "OMG, people are going to die" predictions were the same. This same design has been used effectively elsewhere, if I'm correct.

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