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"Lisle said new parking for delivery trucks has been provided on L Street or adjoining streets so that businesses don’t suffer. And he said the new bike lane’s width — almost 12 feet — was twice as big as some other lanes for a reason.

“There are going to be so many cyclists in the city that we wanted to give them room so they could pass the slowpokes,” he said. "

A lot of the problems stemmed from it being too wide; it is the same width as a car lane.

It would make some sense to go two-way on this, but absent that, you should narrow the bike lane down.

And no, they didn't account for the delivery trucks. On L from 24 down to 17th, there are trucks 24/7. Having them stop in the now moving traffic lanes is also a bad idea.

Majors is kinda an a-hole, and I say that as a fellow Libertarian.


The bike lanes on L Street weren't so bad before. You had a choice of several of them. If one was entirely blocked by a truck, you could use the next one over. You could turn left or right from whichever bike lane was most convenient. The bike lanes were remarkably fast. There were no bollards to worry about. Unlike the new bike lanes, the old ones were shared by drivers.

Yeah, but many people found those bike lanes intimidating, and so ridership was low.

Took a jaunt on the L today. The first vehicle I saw (and a livery vehicle at that) actually did the merge in the correct location. Everyone else turned left from the center lane.

I think there needs to be marking on the middle street lane itself with arrows that indicate "turn left here"

The more space for me :-)

I actually agree that the lanes on L st. are confusing, and found the article helpful in understanding how they are supposed to work. The lanes have improved in recent days as the bollards were added to prevent cars from using them at certain points.

These lanes are not even open, as the author suggests, but does not seem to relate it to the presence of confusion. It's like saying the I-495 HOT lanes are confusing to people and there are construction vehicles parked on them. It's not open! In my read, the article itself also has a strong anti-cyclist bend.

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