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"It's an important section because cyclists use it as a complete street to connect Shirlington and places southeast of 395 with Columbia Pike and Clarendon (basically staying the heck off of Glebe Road)"

I don't get the geography* here, and I'm always looking for and a fan of alternate routes.

The Shirlington connector along 4 mile run is how one gets from Shirlington to SE of 395 already. And to get to Columbia Pike east, there's (the very hilly) Walter Reed Dr (and then onto Filmore for the Orange line cooridor), and the W&OD for the west Pike, (and George Mason sharrows for the middle), but you can't avoid Glebe Road going up Shirlington Road for a destination on Columbia Pike or Clarendon

*long haul geography, I get the Nauck connectivity, esp with the new construction there.

It's actually Shirlington Road (not blvd) and Shirlington Road >> Kenmore is now an excellent alternative to the Walter Reed Hill.

Anyone know if there are plans to address the S. Walter Reed / King St intersection. That intersection is a mess for bikes and pedestrians going along Walter Reed (aka Beauregard).

What was the road's configuration before the road diet?

ah, Kenmore. Never went on that parallel street, now it makes sense.

@Spill - http://alexandriava.gov/KingBeauregard

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