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How does a "green lane" stop people parking?

Also, re the crash in Darnestown. From the description of the intersection, the cyclist was entering a T junction and the bus had ROW. Of course, we do not know if the bus was speeding.

"Instead, cyclists who prefer to avoid crossing Wisconsin Avenue will have to walk their bicycles along the underground pathway."

I'm confused how they think it's narrow enough not to be ridden but wide enough to walk your bike through? Sort of an amusing contradiction.

T, the same thought occurred to me. I think the concern, however, is about speed, not geometry.

Good to see that the Fairfax Co. Parkway trail is scheduled for maintenance. This is looong overdue. That trail seems like more of an afterthought scramble or grudgingly designed as part of a concession plan. The traffic crossings (automobile on- and off-ramps) are particularly execrable. Of course, Fairfax is renowned for it's distaste for any mode of transporation that is unmotorized, so it's sort of a miracle the trail ever made it into the production stage.

The cyclist is still in critical condition, according to Lt. Robert McCullagh of the MCPD yesterday.

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