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not sure about that improvement. What you really need is someone to trip the trees and install some lighting on the sidewalk/path from custis on the hill up to Veitch.

However, they are talking about putting a store in there which is a nice break for bikers.

Lighting would be good in that spot. A bicyclist was attacked near there at midnight a few weeks ago.

The Broad Branch meeting is across the street from my house so I will be going since I have no excuse not to go. I don't ride Broad Branch much anymore (most of my riding is commuting & errands these days) so if you have any suggestions for me to raise let me know so I can raise them.

I've ridden Broad Branch a few times recently. The drivers are generally courteous, but it's pretty harrowing due to the incline, poor sight lines, and some confusing intersection geometries (particularly at Beach, Brandywine, and 27th).

If it's the second public meeting, you'd think that DDOT would have something more than an informational notice on the web.


yes I know precisely the narrow & harrow sight-lines and intersections and I'm sure they will be topical. I am also surprised that there are no goals or designs mentioned, but then again I am ignorant of these processes.

correction: the "Broad Branch Road Environmental Assessment" does mention that

"The purpose of the Public Meeting is to engage the public in the project and provide opportunity to provide comments on the project and on the alternatives being developed for the project. Engineering concepts, displays, and other technical information will be available for review at the meeting. Interested parties for historic preservation issues are also invited."

though it is hard to tell if that is mere boilerplate. Anyway, as a neighbor, pedestrian, driver, and a cyclist I will indeed be there .

How do I edit a wordpress page to display only the posts, so minus the menubars?

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