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Wow, hissy fit that the DC govt asked churches to provide their plans for parking. Apparently this is some war on religion and cars! Somehow, the writer forgot that Christians attended services for about one thousand, ninehundred and fifty years without cars, and that many DC churces were built before cars.

It seems that in his mind the Israelites were driving about the desert for 40 years looking for cheap parking.

In other election news, "not anti-bike" Grace Daughtridge lost ANC 6D05, and along the way assaulted someone in an alleged hate crime.

I like how some anti-bike people make the claim that bike infrastructure is part of a wish of people to make U.S. cities "more like China". Convenient to overlook the fact that many European cities are bike-friendly.

But it's not as effective in some circles to say that D.C. is becoming a city of bicycles like some European city. Doesn't have the same tinge of the yellow menace to it.

PG parks repaved another section of the NE branch trail yesterday, this time between Riverdale Road and the underpass at East-West highway. Between the repaving done by the park guys and the repaving on top of the reconstructed levees, the Anacostia tributary trails are smooth as a baby's rear pretty much from DC to U of MD/Lake Artemesia.

That particular author might actually be more offended by saying that D.C. would be more like Paris or Copenhagen -- which brings with it the notion of a gentrified urban core and suburbanized, multiracial poverty. In a city and region that are majority non-white (but where a supermajority of cyclists are white), I wouldn't want to perpetuate the unfortunate stereotype that only white people bike.

I doubt that letter-writer can be persuaded of much, and obviously seems to prefer Manichean views on matters of both faith and state, but I'd respond with:
1. Churches should be good neighbors
2. Many people of faith don't drive to their places of worship
3. Nobody has ever proposed to ban all cars, much less emergency vehicles; "5% fewer" is very different from "none"
4. If you do want to talk about Asian cities, how about Tokyo? A global capital that's objectively more prosperous, safe, and clean than any U.S. city, headquarters to major automakers like Honda and Subaru, where countless trains run on time and yet 1/6 of trips are on bikes.

"It seems that in his mind the Israelites were driving about the desert for 40 years looking for cheap parking."

Have you ever tried to find a parking space in downtown Tel Aviv? Neither have I. Without a doubt the israelites were waiting for Tel-o-fun - the new bike sharing system in Tel Aviv. http://www.tel-o-fun.co.il/en/

note, Tel Aviv, by doing this, " joins other large European cities " making it without a doubt the most bike friendly European city that is located in Asia.

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