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Those who drive such short distances in the most congested areas such as from Georgetown to Penn Quarter are contributing to congestion more than anybody.

She complains about congestion, vehicular pollution, and the seemingly unused available alternative transportation infrastructure. Her next step; she chooses to complain about the alternative transportation infrastructure. My recommendation would have been to use it.

The author's e-mail address does not appear to be on the Washingtonian web site. I hope you will submit this post as a letter to the editor.

It's like the bumper sticker says: "You're not IN traffic. You ARE traffic."

Well I must admit that I too am confused by the traffic signal pictured in her article.

Is it two separate signals (one for bikes, one for cars)? And if so, why would one be green while the other is red? Is the cycletrack just going along the straight edge of a "T" intersection there?

Disclaimer: Newbie NOVA biker here (mostly ridden in Fairfax County / Alexandria City so far). I haven't ventured across the river yet!

Yes. One lights for bikes and one for cars. The bike one would be green when the other is red, because cyclists are going across the intersection and turning traffic would hit them.

Congratulations on a excellent post.

One thing that should not be forgotten, is that many years ago Georgetown had the opportunity to have a Metrorail station and they decided against it. If they had one, that trip across downtown would be a whole lot easier.

It seems telling that Ms Williams' article is categorized under "DC" and "Anecdotes."

I think the Georgetown Metro thing is an urban legend.

The Georgetown Metro thing is an urban legend. There's a good explanation of the reasons why here.

thank you. The title alone is a travesty.

I stand corrected on the Georgetown Metro thing. Hollywood got it right though. Kevin Costner escaped the bad guys in No Way Out by running out of the Georgetown station.

"Make Way for Automobiles." The title says it all. There's a war on automobiles, just like the war on Christmas. Oh yeah - I think I am going to get a ticket for not coming to a full stop in Maryland yesterday (a camera flashed when I rolled through on right at red). I guess cyclists are behind that too! I don't write for Washingtonian though so I can't publish an article blaming cyclists. Thank go for this blog!

"Even as many Washingtonians turn to bikes, and as our city faces worse and worse congestion, let us not forget our beloved automobiles."

What kind of a prejudiced imbecile writes that sentence?....I wish we could have our beloved slaves back in Virginia, then we wouldn't have all those black people now driving cars...and causing traffic congestion.

THE CARS are the problem. THIS CULTURE is so blind to CAR-CENTRISM as the CAUSE that I wonder how much progress can be made for alternatives in the next fifty years. This article typifies the blindness.

Nice and thorough fisking, WashCycle. Thanks for the laugh: an extra Christmas present

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