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What goes in the empty bullet points?

The entries have been excised for security reasons. Have a nice day!

Very jealous of Arlington's great bike planning and, more important, execution of improvements. Meanwhile, Greenbelt's bike/ped master plan sits stuck somewhere between committee and City staff...

Nothing. Just formatting errors.

Oh. Actually I don't know, but I fixed it.

Arlington did NOT make this information "publicly available"--WashCycle did that!

While it's genuine progress that Arlington's bicycle program is finally providing annual project list updates, Arlington still does not routinely provide current transportation project information on its website.

Moreover, this project list update downplays how the implementation of many projects has fallen many years behind original schedules, and many of the now-proposed project completion dates will fail to materialize.

Other than the Pentagon thing, which isn't their fault, it's hard to complain about what Arlington is doing for cyclists. Thank you!

And thanks, washcycle, for explaining the trail to nowhere after the Boundary Channel bridge. We've been wondering what that was about.

Thanks for the post. Always interesting to see updates on all of the Arlington bike projects in one document.

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