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If even a third of the recommendations proposed by WABA and MoBike for on street bicycle improvements in the downcounty area are implemented it would be a huge improvement. Perhaps the list is overambitious but much of this could be achieved quickly and at relative low cost. A road diet for Arlington Road would be great but I doubt that will ever happen.

One problem with the bike counting methodology is that the ratio of CaBi to non-rental/shared bikes may vary over time (long term), season, and specific short-run weather events.

Generally good recommendations proposed by WABA and MoBike. With that said, the Spring to 13th is a horrible idea. Why end at 13th? Most likely because that's where on street parking resumes, but if you ever have driven this section, you know that folks are routinely trying to merge in from that right lane, turning out from that 7-11 and/or turning out from 13th. It's going to lead to someone getting hit. Not to mention the narrow tunnel bridge with a huge sewer grate bump at the bottom below the Metro tracks, which would suck to ride over. The answer has been obvious--run it down Fenton or even Eastern and you solve the problem. Similarly, I'm not sure the lanes running up 29 would work as planned due the idiocy of some drivers there. The corner 29/Colesville and Georgia/97 (technically GA becomes 29) is all sorts of bad during rush hour. I would never cross it on a bike if I could go over one block either way and hit much more sanguine traffic conditions. It's counterintuitive.

DDOT announced the locations of the 54 new D.C. CaBi stations, to be installed between January and March:


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