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I agree that the 34th & Water Street station will get a lot of use if/when a corresponding station is installed in Bethesda, but I wish DC would hold off on this station (which is otherwise fairly useless for transportation purposes) until MoCo's plans are more solid.

Mostly because, until the CCT is a Bikeshare-able transportation route, there are other spots in Georgetown that would be better served by a station (particularly near Rose Park/27&Q, but also closer to the Library and/or GU Hospital)

There are already several stations in G'town. Does it have to be EXACTLY at 34 and Water? After all, if you are riding 10 miles from Bethesda, a few hundred feet extra should not be a problem

Ohhh - good idea to put a CaBi station at the Pentagon. Then I could use a CaBi bike from a bus at Pentagon to Rosslyn, instead of Blue Line Rush-Minus non-service.

I think the link above is just DC stations, if we're talking Arlington stations, here's the current proposal https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=208771379716907054335.0004b0d62fc49b0f212c9&msa=0&ll=38.885287,-77.091966&spn=0.028294,0.066047 - nothing at Pentagon itself, but enough infill to station hop from Pentagon City to Rosslyn Ballston coordidor easily*

What's still lagging behind is Alexandria expansion, and PG county isn't even on the radar.

And it's all well and good to put pushpins on a google map, but they mean nothing if the supply chain issues ain't fixed.

(you can already do this with a little bit of hustle and moxie by going from Pentagon row -> Joyce street -> Colombia Pike -> Waltereed/Filmore -> 7th & Pershing/Wash Blvd. Took about 25 minutes)

Corey H (via GGW) has put together a map that includes all proposed expansions in DC, Arlington, and Alexandria, in addition to Montgomery County, though not College Park.

Rather than spending all their money on station expansions, has there even been any discussion on increasing the number of vans for redistributing (including more employees)?

thanks for the link. Still no expansion plans to Del Ray, I see which is hella dum. (strong new-urban commercial cooridor and connections back to the Arlington side)

Surprised that with all the stations in Crystal City that they're not even thinking about putting one in Potomac Yards. That would also help link to Old Town.

I e-mailed PY's management last year. Never heard anything back.

I agree that the expansion in Alexandria is frustratingly slow. Good arguments can be made for Carlyle (to connect to Eisenhower Metro) and Del Ray (to bridge to Arlington and because people there are screaming so loud for it). I'm hoping for Del Ray, as that will build the local customer base more quickly, I think (and, presumably, support for more stations).

They need more downtown stations. That will help alleviate the need for so many rebalancing vans.

As for Alexandria/Potomac Yard, they do need some stations there. FAST Potomac Yard recently added a 2nd CaBi station in the Arlington section of Potomac Yard, just down the street from the previous station at the Eclipse.

Maybe as construction advances in the Alexandria part of Potomac Yard, CaBi will add some stations there. But right now, there still aren't many finished buildings along Potomac Ave.

They have also mentioned adding a station at the Arlandria mixed-use project near the Birchmere, but that could be a few more years.

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