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Helmets are a difficult issue. Forcing him to wear a helmet would dissuade him from biking. My suggestion: explain why its important, show him some pictures of crushed heads (that really worked for me), and then take him to a store and buy a high quality helmet. When he sees how important you think it is, WHY its important, and that you are willing to spend $100 for a helmet, then he will understand.

The parent should require the child to wear a helmet. Parents are suppose to protect their children. I have 2 close friends who are permanently disabled by head injuries while biking without a helmet.
One who was a close friend does not even recognize me. This is the case although I visited him while he was in the hospital. As for adults if you believe these drunks wont hit you or you believe "it can happen to me" etc. then at least have some concern for your loved ones they don't want to have to care for you for the rest of your life.

Invited a bunch of friends to an informal ride this weekend, and *lots* of people showed up. One forgot his helmet, and after asking around and failing to find one, asked me "Can I still ride?"


David: Parents are suppsed to keep their kids safe, but teenagers are supposed to rebel and think they are immortal. If you "require" a helmet without some sort of buy in, the kid will either (a) take off the helmet as soon as he is out of view or (b) not ride.

If you make it a rule, they groan but comply.

This is one of the more winnable issues.

Crikey7: thats what we thought in banning my brother from smoking while he was in High School. It didnt work.

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