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Raising the speed limit on Bladensburg road near the Arboretum is a poor idea in my opinion. That road got a bit overbuild recently, but it's still an important access road for bikes in that area and getting to the Arboretum itself. Bike lanes and slower speeds would be better in my opinion.

Agreed on Bladensburg, though there's a fix for the stretch south of New York Avenue that could be done that would be more beneficial for cyclists - truly making West Virginia Avenue (which is essentially flat due to being the site of an old rail line) cycle-friendly.

The Trinidad Neighborhood Association has been trying to get the conversation moving forward on that.

In my perfect world, a cycletrack (or at least bike lanes) on West Virginia Avenue would run from K Street north to the no-name circle where NY/MT/WV Aves come together. From there, something would need to be done to get cyclists safely to Bladensburg Avenue (using an off-road trail parallel to the tracks, perhaps?) I'm working up a plan...

I commute on Bladensburg, so I don't welcome the faster speed, but then I don't think anyway noted the speed limit anyway

I contributed to that sure. But it wasn't just me and being "all that." As some of the citations in the post to other key elements make clear.

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