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re the pedestrian bridge -- Most of the places you'd want to get to would still require walking that quarter mile north or south on the pike once you crossed over the bridge, anyway. I live in Rockville, and though I generally think more pedestrian crossings of the Metro line are needed, I don't think this particular location is that useful.

re muscles: I have a question for the community.

1. I love my rides, but am finding riding in the cold to be more tiring, even when warmly dressed. Again, coincidence, or maybe part of my brain is trying to find a way to justify driving instead. Thoughts?

2. I have eliminated any mashing from my peddling stroke, and now I have IT band problems. Coincidence? or the cold?

Most of my riding colleagues at work are still out, or are not riding, so I have no reference points.

re muscles: I find riding in the cold to be more difficult, too. I think some of it is due to the fact that blood is not being distributed as freely to the muscles, but is trying to keep me warm. (And if you overdress, the clothing can be physically restrictive.)

I am having second thoughts about the pedestrian bridge, and think it should be built while there is the opportunity. 1.2 million dollars doesn't seem like very much to spend when you consider that the bridge will benefit many people for many years to come.
Building a bridge in a different location would require not only the cost of the bridge but the cost of acquiring land, which I suppose would easily double the price of the bridge.

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