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I think there are actually two unexplained trips...one from the FoS to Metropolis, and the trip back to the FoS once Clark realizes human life is pretty lame. The memory-wiping ability also seems oddly convenient, but maybe that's a normal Superman power that is explained in the comics or something. But I wonder why he couldn't erase Lex Luthor's knowledge of kryptonite.

I am so fed up with virginia. In another (noncycling) local forum, I posted about the two bills, and got almost all negative responses, mostly of the "cyclists are scofflaws, why should we encourage more riding?" with one dude finally admitting that its cause people live harried lives, and see cyclists slowing them down, and so want fewer of them.

I need to move to DC.

MM, for the 2nd trip, we at least see him hitchhiking north by himself. Didn't the memory-wiping involve him kissing Lois? Might be awkward with Lex. Someone says that in the Richard Donner cut there is shot of them driving away from the FoS in a Ford pick-up truck. Mountain biking would have been cooler.

Maybe they used fat bikes in the Arctic. In any case, there's no continent. It's just ice up there.

It's just ice? Where does Santa live?

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