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Re: Inauguration. I asked WABA on Twitter what their plans for Bike Valet at Inauguration were...no response yet. Anyone know if they'll be out again?

Last I heard, it wasn't looking good. I think DDOT paid for it last time and WABA did all the legwork. There is some feeling that the Inauguration Committee should pay for it and DDOT should do the legwork - since they're the transportation department and all. They could have UFA employees staff it. But I'm far out of the loop, so take that with a grain of salt.

@washcycle.... maybe that's why they haven't replied yet. Its too bad, because I suspect this time it would get a *lot* of use (although I imagine CaBi will offset some of that). I wonder what CaBi will do to rebalance stations on the Mall without van access. I wonder if the staff while just ride bikes from the full stations on the Mall off to nearby stations that they can access with the Van.

If the weather is OK (read: not as cold as 2009), then I plan on throwing the little one in the trailer and riding down.

From goDCgo:
DDOT and goDCgo will setup a bike parking area at 16th and I Streets, NW with racks to hold hundreds of bikes. Bike owners are responsible for parking and locking their own bikes, and availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

@Ron Alford - thanks for that link. It also describes just what is planned for CaBi:

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