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Pleasantly surprised to hear that, despite the recent gas tax-sales tax proposal in Virginia, that new transportation projects in Arlington will improve cycling routes. In addition to the Wash. Blvd. bridge over Rte. 110, there's the reconstruction of the Wash. Blvd. bridge over Columbia Pike and the intersections of Rte. 50/10th St./Courthouse Rd.

The gas tax proposal is still a problem, but at least in the near future, VDOT is including bike routes for the major rebuilding projects in Arlington.

I saw a guy riding on 395 this morning. He passed me going past the Pentagon, and was making much better time. I finally caught up to him going over the river. (I was driving but I have a good excuse.) My passenger got a good pic.

RE: Southgate Road, this might be an excellent time to remind the Arlington County Board that the old Southgate Road was an important Bike Route used to avoid biking that section of Columbia Pike and any re-configuration of Columbia Pike in that area should be used as an opportunity to add high quality bike facilities (ideally a cycle-track or buffered bike lanes - not just a sidepath)



I find people trying to be helpful to be more dangerous than those who don't. Predictability is a virtue, and "helpful" drivers do unpredictable things.

He rode from Tacoma... that's a really long commute! I nominate him for commuter of the millenium. I suspect they meant Takoma.

the Pearls Before Swine comic theme is a long standing in joke between Pastis and Jef Mallett (who does Frazz); every 6 months or so, they do something like this and troll (successfully) the entire internet.

Thanks so much for posting the news about the Route 27 bridge over 110, as well as the VDOT email address. I just sent my comments to VDOT. I will be so happy to have the multi-use path separated by a physical barrier. That section always freaks me out a bit, especially heading south at night when the headlights of oncoming traffic look like they're coming straight at you.

I wonder whether the gracious driver made the offer because of the fog? Monday was a good day to have tail lights > 150 lumends.

The story of the driver's offer reminds me of the time a few weeks ago when a cabbie next to me at Sixth and Pennsylvania rolled down his window to ask about my helmet cam. He seemed genuinely interested and supportive, which was downright heartwarming.

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