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Nice addition, though it would be much nicer with a roof/awning/shade.

Where are the bikes?!

The ones in the foreground aren't blocking a bench, are they? Is that concrete seating or decorative?

Edge, it's a rainy Sunday, and that whole area is still blocked on three sides.

Moose, I think that is a bench.

Moose & washcyce, it's hard to tell at Silver Spring Metro. That concrete kind of doubles as both decorative raised border and bench. If the layout is the same as it was before the remodeling started several years ago, that part of the station grounds (relative to the entryway) is pretty far from where anyone would want to sit. It certainly isn't near the bus-stops and there is nothing on that side that a pedestrian would be too interested in stopping to wait for someone. At best it is space for someone to stop to re-arrange their bags.

Of course, I haven't used the station regularly in several years....

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