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Maybe someone is thinking it's for MARC access so it should only be open when the MARC is running. They close the pedestrian bridges at off hours as well—very annoying.

I can see this trail from my office window; i'll try to note if i see any cyclists using it during the day.

The south end will remain closed just past the MARC platform entrance, as shown in the photo. The county is estimating that it will open the south end to Ripley Street in about a month. There is a drainage pit that is being filled in and must be covered over before the last few feet can be paved to make that connection. Until then this section of the trail will only go between the MARC platform and Colesville Road.

Thanks for the update Wayne. At the same time, Seems that they have no problems closing footpaths and bike routes, but would do anything to avoid closing roads.

@SJE -

I don't mean to defend the slow action to get this section of trail open. I believe they could have opened this pedestrian access route months ago if only it had been a priority for them.

There is indeed a drainage pit, but it is fenced off from the sidewalk so i don't see why it should be closed. I have a picture taken from the elevation of my office which i'll upload this evening; it shows the situation in context. The closure looks totally arbitrary to me.

@antibozo "The closure looks totally arbitrary to me."

The pit lies in the path of what will be the full width MetBranch trail. But you are correct in that there is an easy "go around" path available with minimal effort. Pedestrian and cycle circulation is clearly not a priority - the prolonged closure here is apparently for the convenience of the contractor and not the taxpayer.

Two views from above:



Once this is open, will we be able to walk down this path between Ripley and the metro station?

Gray, yes.

Wayne: agreed. However, its not only a matter of prioritizing the opening, but of conceiving that the a bike path is a commuter route that deserves to stay open like any road, or reasonable accomodations made to keep an alternative route. IOW, open UNLESS there is a serious obstacle like a live wire across the path, or a giant sink hole going all the way across.

Same goes for pedestrian routes.

The pit is filled in now and a new sidewalk now extends straight through. But the fence is still in place.

It's about midnight and i'm heading out of the office. I just looked out the window and saw a guy scale the fence to cut through. Not safe.

The fence is finally gone. One can pass through now.

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