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Yikes Idlewood.

I was wondering why not take the w&od to gallows, but at the end the cyclist was going to that hotel, not to the mall area.

At the start I was wondering why not take the C&O to the Key Bridge, but I suppose that's six of one.

Before looking it up I thought going down to 4 mile run and taking the W&OD would be the shorter route than the Custis. but no, it's about 2 miles longer that way - certainly fewer undulating hills though. (but more at grade crossings)

(it is generally shorter and faster to take the mall vice Penn Ave if you're going from the Capitol to the 14th street bridge, at least in my experience)

I would strongly recommend the WO&D to Gallows as the preferred alternative given the number of 2 lane roads taken in this video. I did that route for several years and found it to be fairly safe and much safer than this route.

I agree with FongFong. Gallows now has a bike lane on the right too. I'd avoid Rte 7. But what cyclist who isn't familiar with a destination hasn't mapped out a route that isn't the best and ended up riding on roads like these?

What this rider needs is a bike with pontoons.


Excluding where he got lost, was quite enjoyable listening to Dave Bruback while watching the video.

Dave Brubeck*. Sorry, bad fingers.

one of the best ways to go:

out CCT trail to chain bridge....cross it...go up steep hill...scoot down old glebe, cross new glebe onto upnad....to chesterbrook (has a shoulder) , cross kirby, right down linway terrace, cross old dominion onto hitt, then scoot over to OLD chesterbook (biike lane), right tuirn immediate l;eft into Mcclean Hogh school, cut through school, exit down seacliff, turn right onto warner, then evers, then left at davis, then straight across busy road and then under duilles toll road with new silver line, then immediate left , then cruis edown to lisle then go rioght and ride lisle until you hit route &...then use NEW SIDEWALK, THEN CRUISE INTO PARKING LOT AND PULL UP TO LL BEAN. Painless, and almost NO car traffic.

Coming back to make a loop: cross rt 7 use the NEW bike path on gallows until you can parallell gallows (forget the street name until you get to sandburg, which crosses the WOD...then into DC, ...) OR you could go out to the performance bike shop at the new silver line station and wind around where the famous guy spied and was caught and they made move out of it...and curve around golfd course until you get to behind vienna...take a back street that conncets to the WOD and viola...no cars, no hassles, nice route, and nice stops...including the whole foods if you want refreshment or the spokes bike shop in vienna...

did jeff lemeiux post this video??? the owner of proteus bike shop??.... just curious...

@lisa -- yes to jeff, but i'm not the owner! Often the weekend ride leader, sometimes the WalMart greeter, and occasionally the cookie maker though...)

How the hell did he hit all those lights on Pennsylvania Ave. green? I hit almost all of them red. :-(

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