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Florida and WV is the worst in NE?

All the more reason to get better infrastructure there. The rumored cycle track on Florida Avenue and the (proposed-but-going-nowhere right now) bicycle lanes on West Virginia Avenue need to happen.

The Other or None crash type seems to be a national problem. I really wish there was more attention to accurate crash reporting for bike/ped.

"some terms of art are foreign to me. I'm not sure what a right angle crash is..

I think it's when one car broadsides another (or cyclist). Some call it "T-Boned."

I think it could also be bike t-bones a car that cut across their path. That actually happened to me.

"My biggest conclusion from this is that filling in these crash reports is either too difficult for the average officer in the field"

--thanks for feeding the "arrogant cyclist" stereotype.

well adl, do you have other explanations? That is not meant to be a criticism of the police, but rather of the reporting process.

One of the crashes at P and 14th is me! I'm officially a statistic!

Police have a list of options to choose from. If an option is not present that accurately describes the charge, they'll write in "other". The police report will include a more detailed description of the events that describe what "other" defines, but in the list of charges, it will just say "other".

As long as cyclists continue to race through stop signs and stop lights they're gonna get hit. Same for peds. Simple.

the 14th street cycle lane is one of the worst in DC, and I think that shows in these numbers. Especially in the southbound direction, there are many cars turning right to access the shops there. Bike lane parking and taxis add to the dangers. Around the Columbia Hts mall, the chaos is even worse. How can this bike lane be improved?

@UrbanEngineer, My experience working with Maryland bike crash data is "other" is overly applied to bike crashes. This over application can very from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but my impression is that some police are taught to apply other when a bicycle is involved in a minor crash.

Point #2 in this video addresses this: http://youtu.be/JthH4HIQ1ik

On a brighter note, flipping through the 2008-2010 reports I didn't come across any fatalities. Anyone have any idea how many cyclist fatalities occurred during that time period?

I can't say per those intersections but overall for DC cycling fatalities:
2008 1
2009 0
2010 2

Source: http://www-fars.nhtsa.dot.gov/States/StatesCrashesAndAllVictims.aspx

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