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Zoning regulations typically only apply to new construction (i.e., you need to comply when requesting a building permit, certificate of occupancy, etc.). At all other times, things can be out of conformance with zoning for pretty much indefinite periods of time.

If you're out of compliance Zoning can force you to change.

I keep mine in the apartment.
That way I don't have to worry about theft as much as other wise.

Sounds like some people need to attend more condo board meetings.

Keep it in your storage locker.

You typically would only be forced get back into complaiance if you were making substantial changes to your property - then newer zoning reqs could kick in. However, more important, the info provided only applies to the USN zone, which is two blocks in the area north of Union Station. We don't know where the question-asker lives, but it almost certainly is not in this zone, because the USN zone is being creted for the large developements planned for over the tracks along H St.
I second the comment that people need to attend more of their condo board meetings.

AICP20009, Where do you get that it only applies to the USN zone?

And while it may be true that you only get forced back into compliance when making changes - this change was made retroactive by law.

See this:


Regulations submitted this week to the D.C. Council, proposed by the District Department of Transportation, require that all existing apartment buildings with eight or more units feature a “reasonable number” of secure, covered parking for bicycles. “Reasonable” is defined as one space for every three units.

washcycle: I was responding to the information provided in the link in the initial response, which specifically addresses the requirements of the USN zone; these cannot be assumed to apply to other zones.

That there are different overall regulations is new information.

The better link for general information would have been:


I see. You're right that would've been a better link. It's quite a surprise that the website with the zoning regulations is confusing.

I thought that confusing zoning regulations was the point, to improve the ability for large developers manipulate the system.

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