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Interesting - the lower map appears to show the route of the Ches Beach Rail Trail taking the route 4 bridge over the Patuxent and running next to the highway rather than following the original grade through the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary.

"A normal vehicle is about 8 feet" - uh, the legal limit for a "normal vehicle" is eight feet, so a school bus for example is eight feet wide (not including the mirrors). A transit bus is "overlegal" and is 8 feet six inches. But as one will realize, most cars are not near eight feet. Can you get in the back seat of your car and lay down? If your car was eight feet you would be able to.

Human life is sacred. The double-yellow line is _not_ sacred.

Didnt they say that after the inauguration theyd add more soft hit posts to penn?

Carrico is the same Va. senator who submitted a bill to award the state's electoral college votes by House district, which if in effect last year would've made the electoral count 9-4 for Romney in a state where Obama won the popular vote. The man has no shame!

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