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Lance belongs in jail. He committed, perjury and fraud. He has acquired millions from the government and others though fraud. Further I bet he is skimming money from live-strong.

Capital Bikeshare will be well used for the inauguration, but don't expect any ridership records. The system gets the most rides on days when trip making is varied throughout the region, maximizing the sharing effect and getting many trips from each bike. With everyone converging on the same area at the same time, the "one trip in, one trip out" nature of the day will probably keep ridership well below records. It's likely that the corrals will create a record for "biggest CaBi gathering" though. Bikeshare version of a family reunion....

Fiscal cliff bill was not a stimulus bill.

My plan is to ride in from the south side, along Rock Creek Parkway and maybe Ohio Drive, lock up somewhere close to the Washington Monument and make my way onto the Mall from the south side. I have a feeling traffic will generally be lighter coming from that side and just hope that its a little easier to navigate than last time.

Someone needs to take a lot of pictures of the massive CaBi corrals. That would be interesting to see.

I really don't see what the big deal is with 2nd inaugurals anyway. I mean, *I* didn't get fired last year either, and you don't see me making a grand production of it :)

Assuming Lance's lawyers have handled things, I think this confession is a good thing for him.

1. Confessing to the crime is better than being convicted of it, because you can negotiate the terms under which you confess. I assume he has done that.

2. Going on Oprah to do the confession will get him some badly needed $ and help his PR. He goes in to confess his sins, as the fallen star, earning sympathy points.

Lance schmance. That guy is yesterday's news.

But thanks for the link to the Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk. That thing is Baby Jesus awesome. I was laughing my ass off at the reviews until I discovered the uploaded customer images. Brilliant!

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