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I see some rides I've done with Ron (and Tim) on his map!

I should put some more text on that map. This was the thread where I initially described it. As with most of my productive moments, this was written while procrastinating on something else (in this case, my PhD. proposal).

Pretty much ruins the "came out of nowhere, didn't see" statement from people who hit cyclists.

Remind me never to wear a jersey with a turtle on the back.

Like many others, I've witnessed some car drivers intentionally try to intimidate cyclists and pedestrians. They will speed up if they see a jaywalker 100 feet ahead. Or change lanes on an otherwise empty street in order to buzz close to a cyclist in a bike lane, moving from one empty lane to another empty lane to do a near-miss and then switch back to the other empty lane.

Fortunately most drivers I see don't behave like this. But there's enough of a minority to make it a serious problem.

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