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I've spoken with DDOT about 9th Street. It's not dead, it just doesn't need to be listed in the CLRP. I posted a quick explanation at http://beyonddc.com/log/?p=4576

9th street could really use a cycletrack. Either that or switch to two-way! It's very hard to get to addresses on 9th by bike. The sidewalks are narrow and obstructed in places, the downstream traffic is fast, and since it's one-way, you can't really get upstream. I had a meeting last night at 750 9th street -- very difficult address to access by bike. (Though there is a new bike rack outside.)

We already have bike/bus lanes on 7th & 9th. Is there any valid reason not to push for maintenance, education, and enforcement?

I had heard they were improperly established, but DDOT has them listed in the census of bike facilities - they count to our 62 or whatever miles, and will continue to bulk up the total until they're removed, replaced, or fixed.

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