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This is good news, though much of this is in the long range plan and things could change. The big news here is the support for an update to the Master Plan, the money for Complete Streets and the continued support Capital Bikeshare. These mark a change in Alexandria's previous trails-centric approach.

Much of the rest is follow-through on old plans from the trails-centric approach. The Transportation Commission deserves credit for recognizing that these are high return, low cost investments when compared to the transit-corridor development that is also in the works; many have been in the long-range plans for years and are being moved forward. The trail improvements are important to fill gaps and to upgrade Holmes Run to a level where you won't fear for your nice work clothing if you use it, but it is the on-street network that has the potential to get more people out of their cars.

Is the "Holmes Run upgrade" for the un-bridged gap (at the creek) in the trail? Does it change the "low water crossings" further north?

CaBi expansion to Del Ray could not come soon enough. There is a huge untapped demand for people getting off at Braddock Road and then biking to Del Ray, either for work commute or to just explore the neighborhood. A great location would be at St. Elmo's or Evening Star Cafe. If there is to be only one station in Del Ray initially, I hope it will be a very large station.

@Purple Eagle, By the gap at the creek, do you mean near Chambliss St? If so, that bridge is being built right now with different funds (it should be done this spring, I think). And the low water crossings (aka fair weather crossings) further north are in Fairfax.

@JJ Please stay tuned on the CaBi expansion. We are told there will be one of more public meetings to get input. And I completely agree--adding stations in Del Ray should build ridership and enthusiasm for more stations.

According to the budget document, the HRT work (which is $6.5M total) is for the segment from North Ripley St to the 395 tunnel. Basically the concrete section, which is decaying.

That said, it doesn't say what this upgrade will entail. Much of the funding allocation was for FY13. I haven't seen much activity there yet, but I usually take the urban trail (Pegram to Richenbacher/Sanger) instead so I don't go through there often. Is a bigger tunnel with better drainage too much to hope for? A bridge to replace the concrete stream crossing? Or a smooth ramp up to the even-numbered side of HRP (in addition to the existing staircase)?

@Jonathan and rek, thanks for the updates. I don't get over that way often - glad to hear the bridge is already under construction (and yes, I was talking about the gap at Chambliss St).

@Rek, I asked about the Holmes run plan ans was told "This project has not started detailed design yet, however, it generally includes trail upgrades on the Holmes Run Trail between North Ripley Street to under I-395, and the addition of a trail bridge at North Ripley Street across to Holmes Run Parkway, where currently there is a crossing that frequently is covered with water."

Thanks for the info, Jonathan. This is good news. Between this and the Chambliss crossing project, Holmes Run may become a much more viable route for bicycle commuters soon.

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