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To Do:

Move from Fairfax to Arlington, ASAP

Any word on the design of the planned cycletrack on Army-Navy Dr in Pentagon City?

The S. Joyce Street improvements (under I-395) are a welcome change for that road. Even better once the street-level lighting is in place. Great job by the FHWA.

However, it's too bad that the Air Force Memorial parking lots (on the south side of Columbia Pike) are no longer accessible. That was a good place to do some shorter hill repeats on the bike or run.

Overall, that project continues to improve the cycling infrastructure in and around Arlington County. I look forward to seeing progress on other projects such as the new Washington Blvd. bridge over Rte. 110 and the Potomac Yard-Four Mile Run Trail connector.

Any updates on extending the trail from the Humpback Bridge to Boundary Channel Drive?

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