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I think it's this guy:


Richard is a great bike and transit advocate. Whenever I see a large human-pedaled vehicle in downtown Bethesda, I know it's him.

Thanks for the link: washcycle (David) knew there was a gazette article about him when I sent the picture yesterday but couldn't find it

Yes. It's me. Caught without a bike helmet!

I'm delivering firewood to the Mussel Bar & Grille on Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda.

It's noteworthy to me at least, that the photo depicts several weaknesses in the Maryland bike helmet bill. Legislators should focus on good urban design to prevent crashes like in the picture. And when were helmets appropriate for all bikes-like cargo trikes and pedicabs?

Richard - Sorry I was so 'brusque' yesterday when I took the pictures: I was (late of course) on my way downtown to meet my wife for lunch and get a new front light for my bike. It was wonderfully seeing you & an honor as well.

Note the illegality of riding northbound on Woodmont Ave there, between the Capital Crescent Trail and Metro for example (not that WMATA needs firewood). Cyclists can legally use the sidewalk to go north, but we really need a better option like a contraflow bike lane. You certainly can't expect Richard to use that vehicle on the sidewalk.

Woodmont Avenue is one way from the next block, Hampden Lane to Metro and is a barrier to everyone. I agree with Jack that something should be done. Business owners, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists have complained. The solutions that work best for me on my big cargo trikes, bents or my small folders are designs that enable all modes. Here, making Woodmont two way would help everyone.

And thanks Ken for the photo!

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