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"life-threatening injuries"
Probably hit his head. This would be the second such incident in less then a year here in DC.

That is a scary block.


What is scary about it? I have never rode it, and looking at a map of it, it doesn't appear that it would be heavily trafficked. What makes it scary?

Yeah, this seems like an odd location -- there's a giant CaBi dock right in the middle, and that was selected partly because it's lightly trafficked and relatively slow. The road doesn't really go anywhere in either direction.

The intersection at 6th and Maryland had been obstructed due to road construction. If a driver was speeding up 6th to make the light on Independence, that would make it a scary block.

Lightly trafficked areas, though they clearly cut down on the likelihood of car-on-bicycle collisions because of reduced volume, often times lead to motorists not paying as much attention to the road.

^^^oh, and faster traveling vehicles because there are no other cars in the way. It's like the suburban country roads...lightly trafficked, but when there is a vehicle, it's usually traveling at a rate above the posted speed and all over the place when rounding
bends in the road.

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