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The bike light at 16th and U is definitely under utilized by the cyclists going through that intersection.

That said, the light cycle is too short to come to a complete stop in the bike box and wait for a green. Especially if you're not the first cyclist in line.

It is also unclear when pedestrians have the right of way going to/coming from the islands next to the bike queues.

Since the videos were put together one major thing has changed. The bike signal is now part of the regular cycle. A bike does not have to set off the sensor to get the light.

Whenever I'm going on Penn, it's in the opposite direction of rush hour, so maybe I'm not the best judge of how good or bad that intersection is. (I find it not bad at all; Barney circle, like someone says in the comments is worse)

I'd also much rather spend money on the terrible intersection(s) (for peds & bikes) at and on either side of Minnesota & Penn just across the (Anacostia) river. Especially now since that's no longer the only 395 - 295 connector, there should be some real opportunity to rebalance traffic flow patterns.

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