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WABA--heart wheels? Really? I hope this focus grouped well. That just looks painful. Although I am willing to be convinced by others who recognize some metaphor I am missing. A heart for a frame is metaphorically rich and doesn't conjure up painful memories of taco'd wheels.

The question with red light cameras is whether they make the intersection safer. Simply reducing red light running isn't indicative of this—people who slam on the brakes in order to avoid getting a ticket raise the risk of causing a rear-end collision. On wet or icy streets, also, they can lose control.

That "F*** you" article is satire, right?

They did one study on that in DC, antibozo. Accidents increases significantly, but the number of injuries requiring hospitalization also decreased. Conclusion: more fender-benders, fewer T-bone crashes.

If the goal is safety, that qualifies. If the goal is reducing property damage, it does not.

Crikey7, thanks; i think i remember seeing that study. It's the sort of thing that has to be assessed periodically, however, IMHO. And i think the dcist article is remiss in failing to mention the matter.

One study is not enough, ideally. But as we are seeing, the results are likely to hold up.

At long last, after months and even years of abuse at the hands of Washington, D.C.’s speed-trap Nazis, I fought back. Mere feet from one of D.C.’s finest, I let him have it. I said — no, screamed — the two magic words, and right in his face.

"After years of abuse (and countless hundreds of dollars in fines) I finally FOUGHT BACK by clenching my tiny fists in feckless anger, and yelling!"

Jesus, this guy is the modern conservative movement distilled in a bottle.

'Tis the mismeasure of a straw man:

" that red light-running decreased significantly at four Arlington intersections outfitted with red light cameras in 2010."

At an absolute minimum the cameras should reduce running at the camera-equipped intersection; the true measure is whether it reduces red light running at NON-camera equipped intersections.

Anecdotally: Connecticut & Nebraska - camera; one block south Connecticut & Fessenden - no camera; more than 50% of the time when I am at Fessenden & Connecticut I will see at least one car go through a cold, dead-red light. Rarely do you see that at Nebraska.

Thanks for linking to Arlington's PAL info. One clarification, the campaign is directed equally towards all road users whether they are biking, walking AND driving (notice I did not label them into rigid categories, since most people do 2 or 3 of these at some point).
Check out the tips and let us know what you think, either here in comments or to [email protected]. If you like what you see, everyone is encouraged to share the PAL link, logos, graphics, etc. There is a toolkit on the PAL page to make this easy to share.

Enforcement and fines need to go way up to begin to effect cultural change in regard to light-running. The default behavior is to assume there is no penalty, then get mad on the rare occasion that there is.

Leave it to a bunch of chicks to build bikes with wheels that won't even turn.

I wondered about the logo. What do women think about it? Is it too pandering, like painting a razor pink; or does it work for you? Or do you only like it if you're a Linda Ronstadt/Shirley Muldowny/Anna McGarrigle fan?

Jon: the scary thing is that article wasn't satire. That is exactly the way many people in this area feel.

I think the logo is even more awkward than the name.

Some related news (some of it old) about red light cameras:




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