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When I was 12, I used to go rollerblading at night after my parents were asleep. I think one time I went on a 6 or 7 mile roundtrip. I lived in suburbia, so if a car came by I could usually duck behind a tree so as not to be noticed. But going to Soviet East Germany puts this adventure to shame. Hell of a heart on young John Kerry, and to think that now we worry about 12 year olds riding their bikes to school!

"There was no joy in those streets."

Kind of like the lady who wrote the WaPo letter to the editor last week.

Since Kerry was born in '43', his travels to Berlin would have been in the middle of the 50's.

Probably a wake up call to a 12YO.

Well after the war and the blockade. But before the 'WALL'.

I would think the 12-year-old John Kerry would be very disappointed in the 70-year-old John Kerry.

I noticed the same lack of joy in the streets after passing through the security barricades and security screenings of the inauguration. The SS (USSS) managed to turn DC into East Berlin for a day.

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