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The bike lanes are the result of the will of the people carried out by their elected officials. Gabe was an employee carrying out the orders of the Mayor. Had he shown some manners had he not been a racist and a crook he might still be here. WABA is more about race and class then biking. Face it Gabe was a bigot and a crook. WABA is a racket to fill the pockets of a few kids. Bike lanes were here long before Gabe or WABA . For them to try to take credit for what was started by M. Barry , who by the way they hate just shows that they are liars.

Killing the hated gas tax was a brilliant political move by McDonnell and a big win for Big Oil, which funds McDonnell's political party. I am proud to say that I asked my Senator to vote against it and he did. I wish more Dems had taken the long view and voted against it (IMO, time is on the side of transit support).

"Drivers are clearly winners and transit users are clearly losers."

I think that pretty much sums up the viewpoint of McDonnell's supporters. Then again, one of the great appeals of transit is that it gives people time to read books.

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