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Vegan waterproof materials?
Does this mean that the vegan user can eat the bag without shame? Or does this mean that the materials only came from vegan animals?

It means the materials are all non-animal-based (either plant or synthetic). Probably some form of pleather.

It is cute, though, and if it means more women bike around town, great!

Is that painting supposed to be idyllic? Because it frankly looks horrible from a biking perspective.

That woman is going to have to negotiate around two different couples that don't know how to stay to the right, a guy with a migraine stopped in the middle of the path that isn't paying attention where his dog is, and some wicked bollards hemming her in.

That M & Delaware location is less than a block from the dock by the Harris Teeter, isn't it? I guess it's nearer to the Metro, but it seems weird when there's so much space in that area that could use a station.

The bag looks like a bowling ball bag. If bowling is on the decline, then the bowling bag manufacturers should shift to cycling bag production.

Re 39th & Veazey: if only they could've put it by the Post Office.

Re painting: what's wrong with the guy with the dog? And that does look horrible to ride through.

I'm just wondering what would be stressing Obama out post-presidency and where Bo went to?

I'm pretty sure a new Bikeshare station has been put up in the past month at 20th and Virginia. It is only a block away from an existing station at 21st and Virginia, but the latter station suffers from regular dockblocking, so this is a good thing.

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