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About 40 percent of D.C. residents don't even own cars. Car ownership rates are much higher among residents of the more distant suburbs, but that's their choice to live farther out.

we SHOULD accommodate cars, and the need to park - by ALLOWING developers to build parking IF they choose. The supporters of parking minimums are doing the rhetorical trick of implying that eliminating parking minimums (in SOME areas) is equivalent to banning or limiting parking, which it is not.

If you really want to make it easier for suburbanites to drive into the city, reduce the number of spots covered by residential parking, and turn them into metered spaces available to all who pay. Its got nothing to do with parking minimums - someone driving in from fairfax can't park at an apt buildings garage.

Road space is to precious to let cars that aren't even moving sit there.

She actually cares little about the car issue. She cares about making it more expensive for developers so there is less new development in her neighborhood in Ward 3. Oh, the stories I could tell about how she has tried to quash new building. She sees the elimination of parking minimums as something that will spark a lot of new development.

BTW: She may not drive but she is driven - lives near me and has her husband drive her.

Free socialized car storage -- it's an entitlement in the Constitution somewhere, isn't it?

It is interesting (and bad reporting, IMO) that the article makes it clear why Lon Anderson is speaking (spewing) out, but Sue Hemberger's agenda isn't clear at all.

Oops! I should have said "misleading writing" instead of "bad reporting", since it was Lon and Sue who wrote the piece.

"the less we drive, the more we park"

They actually wrote that?

The less you drive, the less you park, geniuses.

AAA assumes that everyone has a car, so a car not being used by the owner is one being parked. Car sharing, or alternative methods of transport, do not exist for "real people"

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