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"[Storage] That's what the street is for"

The public street also used to be for dumping your sewage. We changed that, so we can change using the street for storage

triple the price for the second residential parking permit per household, and weekend parking restrictions (cough, churches, cough) would free up a lot of storage

Tripling the price for a 2nd RPP still doesn't get even close to market rates. We're still massively subsidizing parking, which only leads to a confused market that doesn't respond rationally to changes in supply.

I did a really brief and unscientific search at parkingspotter.com for my zip (20009) and it looks like the range of monthly parking rates is $160-300.

So your $35 RPP permit entitles you to $1920-3600 worth of parking. Even if we look at the low end, since many of these paid spots will be nicer than street parking, we're still looking at a giant subsidy. I'm sure some of your taxes go towards the parking spot in various ways, but those are indirect costs, so they won't do much to influence demand.

If we want to solve DC parking problems, maybe we should let the Tea Party know that the DC government is giving $1500/year in welfare to every single one of its citizens who decides to register a car. That's bound to tick them off, maybe they'll make us change it.

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