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I used that Route 1 sidepath often when I lived in Huntington. It's a serious problem that unfortunately won't change anytime soon, because short of a Route 1 road diet or the occasionally-discussed interchange at Huntington Ave/Fort Hunt Rd, there's not much that can be done. Biggest problem is cultural...drivers coming up Fort Hunt Rd are so used to looking left to see if there's a gap in the flow on Route 1 that they don't bother to look right to see if anyone's coming up the path. I've almost been creamed a few times because of this.

And a "No Turn On Red" is likely a non-starter for VDOT because they "need" that turn-on-red capability to avoid gridlock on Fort Hunt Rd.

As a driver, I have been trying to improve my habits, so that I am more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians.

Turning right at intersections is my biggest challenge. As a suburban creature, I really have to work on it, and I urge all my fellow drivers to do the same. We have to share the road and take more responsibility.


I always thought the cycling walk of shame was having to dismount a $6,000 Pinarello to hoof it up a steep hill. See that a lot on Bowman Hill in Garrett County.

Could someone let Ms Banks know that if she comes by my bike clinic I could adjust that saddle height for her....

Where's the "like" button for dynarider?

Kudos to Elizabeth Banks for realizing that campus-flat pedals combine well with spike heels to produce a kind-of-clip-in arrangement. Perhaps "instep clips" instead of toe clips?

If the problem is serious enough along US-1, another option is pedestrian activated walk signals synchronized with red arrows for both right turns from US-1 north and left turns from US-1 south. That might also require the dreaded trail stop sign.

Or taking it one step further, complete integration of the bikeway as an independent lane, as one sometimes sees along cycle tracks.

Note also: The sign VDOT refused to put up was a regulatory sign, which has to be in the MUTCD. But warning signs don't. They could prepare a warning sign analogous to the "traffic does not stop from left" sign.

Pedestrian-activated walk signals already exist at the intersection at Fort Hunt Rd. IMO unneeded if VDOT would just redo the walk signal to correspond with the green along northbound Rt 1....it's a long enough signal phase. Same thing down at Huntington Ave.

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