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Does anyone know how that compares to previous years? Or how many Bikeshare stations are in the budget for FY2013.

IIRC, the 54-station expansion that started last month but seems to have stalled out was paid for (or at least budgeted for) with FY 2012 funds, so was there an additional plan for 2013 expansion?

yep, what is going on with the DC expansion? I do see a few new stations....

Bike share is a monster success in DC, but 10 new stations is nothing. What's up with that?

Jacques, I lost track of all the announcements, but I don't think there were any in 2013, but Gray did call for 200 more stations as part of the Sustainable DC plan.

One reason for the meager addition may be changes in federal transportation funding following MAP-21. Previous expansions had been paid for with CMAQ money, but there may be less of that or it may be more constrained.

Oh, and let's not forget budget cuts and the sequester.

Turtleshell: We did the easy stuff, so at some stage the extra stations get into the realm of diminishing returns: especially while DC is not as bike friendly as we'd like. We will soon see a requirement for additional capital costs to replace the bikes as they wear out, so over-doing it now can pose problems later

barely germaine but while I have yet to use CaBi, in two weeks we are going to Paris (my wife is on a unesco committee) for a week and I have a seven day velib membership. and a velib app. Looking forward to that.


Shameless plug...I did a guest post on my experiences bikesharing in Paris at Tales From the Sharrows: http://talesfromthesharrows.blogspot.com/2012/02/contes-des-sharrows-guest-post-from.html

@MM - I probably didn't read it at the time (though a dedicated Tales reader) but now I will - no shame in that plug!

@MM Thanks - I learned a lot from that post. Can't wait,

If we're talking 10 new bikeshare stations at around $50k apiece, that would leave around $14,500,000 for bike lanes next year, more than 28 times the amount spent in the entire last decade. Is this for real, or an early April Fools joke? Hoping that this is a real prospect and about-face for city leadership.

$15 million out of a $10 billion budget?! That's a whopping 0.15% of the city budget! All this bike stuff is going to bankrupt us!

Since we all know the war on cars is going strong, I assume the District's outlays for automobile infrastructure will be well under $15 million this year.


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