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So, the biggest bike areas are Logan, Langley Park and then (NY Ave, Friendship Hts, Falls Churches, and "Beauregard") not sure what the last even is (arlington?)

Truely a bizzare mix. Immigrants and gays?



"gays"?? Does sexual orientation lead to more or less bike commuting? That would be news to me

There are as far as I can tell three main groups who use bikes for commuting 1. People who live in very dense areas with short commutes (logan circle, for ex) generally young and "hip". 2. Folks really into biking, with high quality bikes, who ride relatively long distances often on trails 3. Working class immigrants who ride short distances on cheap bikes, in areas that are often fairly bike unfriendly

"Logan Circle" which on their map includes almost all of dupont has very high gay populations. I'm sure you know that. Just as Langley has a lot of immigrants

RE: Friendship Hts, that would make sense - long distance rides. I couldn't figure that out before.

A note about the data that is relayed here: the list that is labeled as last years data was not all taken last year. The study last year was to add to the data from 2007 to 2008. So much of the data, including Columbia Pike, Shirlington and Crystal City, is from 2007/2008. Bike mode shares in those areas are likely to be considerably higher now, especially considering the improved bike infrastructure, introduction of Capital Bikeshare, and general redevelopment and urbanisation.

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