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I'll do other locations!

"Other Locations"

Austin (its now a bike maker)
Cleveland (its just a list of shops)
Greensboro (not updated since 2011)


LA: update to

1.`re-sort the links on the LHS into priority links. e.g. put WABA higher.
2. Is there a meaningful difference between a blog and "other links"
3. Perhaps re-sort by local versus national

I agree that the Other Locations and Blogs can be moved down to the bottom. I'm guessing that most readers will be looking for site-specific links (Recent posts and comments) and local links (Tools, Links).

Maybe the Links section can be renamed to reflect its (mostly) local nature.

If you really wanted to be fancy, you could add hyperlinked headers somewhere near the top. It could be a list of the main categories: Tools, D.C. links, Recent posts, Recent comments, Other locations, Other blogs. Clicking on the category header would send you directly to that list.

(I'm not sure how difficult this would be to set up. It's easy to create such links in documents, but it might be more complicated on a website.)

The Categories column on the right might be renamed Tags.

I'll do the Tools section.

I'm hitting the "Blogs" section...

Halfway through Blogs.

I'm wondering if it would help to review the logic about how Blogs and Links are split. Maybe content has drifted from where they were originally placed, but I'm finding things are pretty mixed up.

I'm adding suggested categories for the links I'm checking, and so far I have:

DC, Photos, Metro Area, Transportation, Beyond DC, California, Urbanism, Sustainability, Non-bike, Trails, Advocacy, Personal, Commuting, Bikeshare, Cycling, General, and Virginia - most get one or two, only a couple have four.

Not sure if that will be helpful, but it just takes a second while reviewing - the implicit suggestion I guess is that I'm sure some of the categories overlap the Links and could probably be tossed into one tagged pile. IMHO.

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