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The message that went out to Palisades residents was signed:

Hope this answers your questions. If not please email me additional questions
or phone.

Thanks, Dan

Daniel Copenhaver
Chief of Preservation and Project Management Division
Acting Chief of Maintenance
C&O Canal Historic Park
National Park Service
Office 301.745.5818
Mobile 301.491.6023

It was a bizarre message, they say they want information to get out to the public, but the wording is so vague and cagey.

I take it as a very good sign that there is a commitment to keep the trail open though I too can't picture what a "temporary bridge" would be.

Perhaps a rope bridge ala Indiana Jones?

Anyway - travelers in the downhill direction should come to a COMPLETE stop before proceeding onto the bridge.

Its good to see that they are trying to be considerate about commuters.

It would have been nice if there were signs that announced, in advance, of the road closure. I saw the construction material, but no signs explaining.

It is my understanding that you will be able to use the temporary bridge after 9pm. Is that correct?

Those metal panels with the diamond shaped holes are the side panels for a Bailey Bridge, which can be erected in a matter of hours.

when will the damn thing be repaved??

the surface sucks.

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