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Whats the latest with the "bad lighting"?

When people cut fences to get access to trails, the correct response is to install an access point (usually a short trail connection to a nearby neighborhood street). I thought people wanting to use trails for biking and walking was a _good_ thing.

We can only get ill-tempered sea bass here on the East Coast.

Don't say anything about the lighting. People will get angry.

Jonathan, this is a little bit different. Railroad tracks are kinda dangerous and there's good reason to try and keep people from crossing them at uncontrolled points.

MPD had a car patrolling the trail around 7pm Friday night.

"We have been very aggressive in trying to make this a safe environment, and I think the near-absence of crime along the Trail speaks to the success of our efforts."

Not from what Ive heard....now if you couple that with a near absence of use due to crime, and a conspiracy of under-reporting by MPD then you might be getting somewhere

I believe the fence cutting is people trying to cross the same way as before the double row of fencing was installed. There is some bad faith on the part of the railroad and the District on this, concerns about how people would cross were dismissed with the rationalization that the bridge would be there soon. Years later, it is still not.

washcycle ...then make it safe by making it a controlled crossing. Many trails have pedestrian sized gates and flashing lights for crossings.

"We actively patrol the MBT, and we have done so for at least two years. We patrol it with mountain bikes, segways, and occasionally, cars (we don’t do this often, given the size of the Trail)."

I bike the MBT most weekdays - probably 300+ days in the past two years, going and coming, and in those 600+ trips down the trail I think I've seen
(1) a patrol car 2 or 3 times;
(2) bike officers 5 or 6 times;
(3) Segway officers zero times.

Perhaps they patrol "more actively" outside of morning/afternoon commute hours?

Having lots of people on the trail is the key. I was encouraged by the number of people I saw biking, running, and walking on the trail during the dark cold days of winter, and expect it to be hopping as warmer weather arrives.

JJJJ, I'm positive CSX would never agree to make this an at-grade rail crossing, and I doubt DDOT would even support that. Though, I'll concede that over the years of numerous illegal crossings here there have been zero deaths or injuries.

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