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I think it was back in '93 that a guy stole a wheel from my bike, which was parked on a street on the Natl Mall. I saw him running away and got the attention of nearby cops who easily apprehended him. A few weeks later, I got a call from the US Attorney's office, asking if I wouldn't mind dropping charges, because they were busy, and if they prosecuted the bike thief, then that meant that people who had committed more serious crimes might go free, or something like that. I reluctantly agreed to let them drop charges, sadly. (It was a federal charge because it happened on federal land.)

Broken-windows ignorance.

Interesting how the Arlington crash map makes an argument for complete streets. The accidents all seem to be along the major streets. I see plenty of commuters (myself included) working complete streets from Shirlington to the orange line and there are few to no accidents along that route (some at major street crossings).

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