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The only thing I can think of telling them is a more bike-friendly connection from the bridge into the park. I vaguely recall needing to slow down very hard to circle back around into the park.

But outside of that, the park is beautiful, trail is nice and it was much easier than I thought to get to from downtown (albeit the area over by Nats stadium right before the bridge isn't super bike-friendly, but that's not them).

Then again, i've only been there 3x for softball games. Still like how it's not crowded and the police seem pretty mellow--the opposite of the Mall.

since the NPS NEVER takes any input unless they already agree with it, this is another waste of time.

in 20122 we were told the rock creek trail fix was imminent...well...ask them whats going on with the project...

the NPS fucked up Pirece Mill...no bicyclists create their own paths in the dirt where NPS should have put pavement. what doesn the NPS do? why, stick to theri stupid design with stakes and ropes and barricades...which will fail OF COURSE.

the NPS is a huge problem in DC...huge.

The bike ped bridge span on the Anacostia River Trail crossing the CSX tracks is now up! Noticed this during the national marathon this morning.

Thanks, I posted photos here earlier this week.

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