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I like that. Short and to the point. I think that too often motorists see us (cyclists) as just a hindrance in their efforts to get where they are going.

So there is video on Vimeo. That's nice. How many drivers are going to see this?

It was pointed out on Streetblog that this video was made in Canada by the CAA. Notice the diamond symbol in the bike lane at time 00:05. Those are used in Canada not the US. It contains nothing to inform driver on how to share the road. Maybe a sequel from Denmark?

While I think it is good that LAB and AAA try to promote a unified message, I don't think AAA has its heart in it. As least not yet. This in no way makes up for any part of the "war of car" crap from AAA Mid-Atlantic. That a pretty deep hole they dug (are digging).

One robin does not a spring make.

Just so, a few friendly chirps from AAA must be balanced against the regular blasts of icy invective and ignorance, and the active opposition from AAA to anything that might somehow alter the bike cyclist relationship.

A few other things to note
1. The setting is on relatively quiet suburban streets, preferably ones with bike lanes, and where bikes get out of the way of drivers. It's cycling as recreation.

What happens when the suburban dad wants to ride on Rock Creek Parkway or 16th St to get to work? What happens when dad wants a bike lane on L St?: AAA calls that a war on cars.

2. Cars are encouraged to share the road. Thats great. But the perspective is one of granting cyclists a right, rather than recognizing that cyclists already have such rights.

Please email to Lon Anderson.

Also: Thanks AAA, we appreciate your outreach, and hope to see some more follow up. Please excuse our somewhat sour tones: in Washington, more than most places, we are used to hearing a few nice words from people who have no real intention of changing behavior. So, lets see what ya got.

I like the piece because it shows that cyclists are actual people, not just faceless strangers. Maybe that was a friend of yours you just honked at. Maybe that was a family member you just passed too closely.

Remember, any journey starts with the first step. While we should be skeptical about AAA and its motives, perhaps this is the beginning of a longer journey toward being supportive of bicycling?

Just tweeted the page.

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