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Take back the streets.


the parts of Va that are likely to be direct competitors with DC for dinner are North Arlington and Old Town Alexandria, neither of which is the suburban free parking heaven the quotes indicate. And Arling

Performance parking re-evaluates the two-hour maximums. Those are ostensibly there to ensure turnover, but instead of such Byzantine rules, performance parking uses higher prices. Price rationing is the American way; queue rationing is the Soviet way!

These people's rhetoric needs a severe boggling. Supposedly, they are "victims" of a "war" while it's us pedestrians and cyclists who are being left to bleed to death in the middle of the "battlefield."

(DC does have an off-street parking minimum for single family houses, IIRC one space per house. The highest I remember seeing was 1.5 spaces per bedroom, which applied to parts of San Jose.)

In AAA's world, play dates require a car. Funny, but generations managed to have playdates without cars. And, IIRC, we drive our kids in large part because of fears of other drivers.

I work in Rosslyn and live in Mount Vernon, VA. I just went to Tyson's last week for the first time in a decade. I won't be back for another decade. It's a car hell hole. Give me DC, Arlington or Alexandria any day over that mess.

BTW: Current DC zoning rules do require new single family homes to have on-site parking. That rule is being eliminated under the proposed rules. The reason being that requiring those driveways means there need to be curb-cuts, which further cuts down on available street parking.

And, Sue's shtick is to say that she does not own a car. This is similar to the pro-car person who says they are an avid bike rider. Because then that means everything they say thereafter must be correct because they empathize.

Last week I saw Sue emerge from the passenger side of her husband's car with a Whole Foods bag in her hand. The store is less than 1/4 mile from her home. I happen to ride my bike with my son past her house to get to our local park

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