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I've seen a fox at Hains Point 2 or 3 times, and twice in Cleveland Park. And I scared the sh!t out of a raccoon on the CCT. Poor thing was startled as I sped past and it actually fell over. I felt pretty bad, actually.

In the little stretch of my commute that is within CCT (from Dorset to Bethsda) in the morning this winter I have often 'met' deer on the trail and I was glad to see they were not particularly scared or cared - they didn't even seem concerned. Perhaps it is my slow riding.....

I saw a turkey this morning. A wild one, I mean. He (I think) tried to get directions at the Berwyn Height police station: http://bikearlingtonforum.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=2615&d=1364478137

On the CCT I had a fox come up and run alongside my bike. At first I thought he was going to attack me but he was as tame as could be.

Perhaps he was hoping I would scare up a rabbit? Smart fellar!

Another time I came down the hill at dusk and made a high speed turn onto the trestle bridge. I then had to slam on the brakes as hard as I could because right in the middle of the bridge was a big buck with a nice full rack.

We had a brief stare down before he gave in and turned away.

My tourists saw a fox at the Lincoln Memorial last night.

I've seen the Hains Point fox a few times too. I've startled a couple rabbits while riding on neigborhood streets near Clarendon.

On the Mt. Vernon Trail, a frog or toad actually jumped up one day and smacked into the side of my bike shoe. He should have looked before he leapt.

The worst near-encounter was when a huge deer jumped out of the bushes next to the W&OD Trail a couple summers ago. Fortunately I heard a lot of rustling before he jumped out. If I had hit him, it could have been ugly. He must have been over 500 lbs., which is a lot heavier than I am.

One night biking home I saw the fox hunt for rats at night in the shrubbery in front of the Korean War Memorial. While driving a car in traffic near Reno Road and Military Road in NW I shared the road with a buck who scampered through traffic at 11 in the morning. I will take the fox sighting every time.

agree with RSM, I almost ran into a buck one late afternoon last fall rolling down Branch Ave where it crosses the Fort Circle path between Penn & Alabama.

I once collided with a bat riding at night on the CCT. That wasn't pleasant for either of us.

Maybe his tags were out of date?

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