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You just like that last story because it uses the phrase "hydraulically gimballed."

Actually, the bike commuting slowed weight gain, and didn't do much for weight loss.

I see tons of fatties on bikes now, and I feel bad for them.* Not a great way to lose weight -- but a great way to keep it off once you lose it.

* yes, if you start doing centuries you will be scary thin

We shouldn't have done that. There. Easy.

As charlie points out, the article's message is different from your interpretation. It actually says:

"… people who walked or biked to work gained about two pounds less, on average, than daily car commuters."

Note that muscle weighs more than fat, so this might represent a significant difference in overall fitness. But it isn't an indicator that bike commuting helps you lose weight, since the people didn't lose weight, on average—they gained it.

Cycling did help me lose about 20 pounds a couple of years ago, but that's because i was counting calories. If i hadn't collected the metrics, i doubt my weight would have come down; it hadn't, after all, for the years i'd been riding before i started counting calories—in fact, it had gone up. I would have lost weight, as well, without the cycling, but the cycling allowed me to blow off so many calories with occasional long rides (> 50 miles) that i didn't end up replacing them by eating, so i was able to lose the weight in less time.

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