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The W&OD was closed when the sun set? So I was trespassing every single day after the time change?


FWIW, I asked NVRPA about the extra-legal requirement for people to wear reflective clothing. Perhaps the issue is riders being worried about not seeing joggers? On a dark trail, a bicycle with legal lights is even more visible than on a road. In any case, I received the following response:

Dear Mr. Krall,

Thank you for your interest in the W&OD Trail. The extended hours is for the shorter daylight hours in recognition of the fact that commuters are on the trail well after sunset heading home from work. As for the reflective vests / clothing this is a suggested requirement that we included and have talked with other local cycling organizations on this matter. I am not sure if you are cyclist or a walker but the need for some sort of lighting or reflective clothing is appropriate given the more wooded areas of the trail that don’t have nearby street lights or neighborhood lighting. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions on this matter. Again thank you for your interest in the W&OD Trail.


Karl Mohle
Park Manager
W&OD Railroad Regional Park
21293 Smith Switch Road
Ashburn, VA 20147


The whole thing makes no sense to me. Even a jogger dressed in black can be avoided by a rider at a slow (compared to the speed of cars on nearby streets) 20 mph. I think the reflective clothing is being imposed by way of making people pay a price for admission. I am also not clear on what "suggested requirement" means.

suggested requirement - yeah what the hell is that? The two words are totally contradictory.

It's an offer you can't refuse.

Why does WJLA have to go AAA and then WABA on red light cameras? Why not the thousands of other drivers killed by other drivers?

Forgot to mention:

That burst pipe on Ct Ave disrupts the CCT. As of this morning there were still no traffic lights, but the work crew was directing traffic. Y'all be safe!

I guess it's silly to point out that Tour de Fat, a "celebration of bikes, beer, and bemusement" is being held at a park where biking, alcohol, and amplified music are all generally prohibited. But I will.

Did I read the last one right saying we can deduct $20 a month for bike commuting? I don't take any other transportation-related deductions. So maybe I'm missing out on like $40 a year post-taxes. Any idea on how to claim that part?

@T The $20 a month credit for bike commuting is handled through your employer. If your company doesn't offer it, you won't be able to get it.

The new Arlington Loop map looks great, although it doesn't recognize my own route connecting from Roosevelt Island to the Roosevelt Bridge to get back to Dupont Circle. I prefer the 'short-cut' to completing the loop where I start the MVT from Memorial Bridge, but that's just me.

@Jonathan Krall:In Washington, DC, the majority (over 50 percent) of people killed in traffic crashes are pedestrians and cyclists, not drivers or passengers.

Actually,that's incorrect. Last year,no cyclists were killed in the District,and before that there were only three.

That said,no-one has the right to complain about traffic cameras. If they obeyed the law,they wouldn't get dinged. And the fines should stay as they are;if you can't afford the penalty,don't break the law.

dynaryder: is it incorrect to say 50% of deaths are in the category (drivers OR cyclist)?

wow. the morons are truly in control. the new "rules" are moronic and arbitrary. did liability drive these new "rules"?...

this is discriminatory in classic american style.

this is uneforceable. although it does position anything outside the mainstream suburban based car driving culture as abberant.

gee. ive been riding on the WOD for the six years ive lived here in DC. and so have many others. at all hours. whenever i damn well please. and i'll continue to do so.

assinine. theres not much more one can say. the fools of the park authority that run the trail are clueless -- go talk to them. ask them how many of the staff ride a bike...just ask. NOT ONE DOES.

there is a larger more inclusive social critique available to the educated, and ill make my case in an another forum. the people involved at this level, including the police, are simply too stupid to understand it...

you think im being harsh? ask these idiots what kind of society they want fifty years from now. ask them what research and what books theyve read that make the case for the kind of "rules" they just decreed without a single good reason...ask them if gasoline is subsidized...ask them to define democracy...

as i say, there is good news here: 90 percent of cars on the road are speeding; ninety percent of drivers are on the cell phone; drunk driving in the burbs is rampant; and aggressive driving and tailgating is everpresent. the culture cant enforce the road laws for cars...they sure as hell won't be able to do a damn thing about bicycle trials, especially since they think bicycles are only for children...

jonathan krall...is a peculiar fellow. does he really think asking behaving reasonably in the face of madness some sort of cosmic do-gooding deed-doer?...

hes watched too much american tv..


i iterviewed karl mohle and have the transcript.

maybe hes about to solve the nuclear fusion problem...and is a poet and scholar, a nice guy, a good dad, a lover of flowers and a supporter of the arts...i grant all this of him.

but i know FOR A FACT, in his capacity as park manager, he doesnt know a damn thing about urban and regional planning, land use, the built environment, the science of human cognition or behavior, or the relevant history of his culture!! NOTHING!!!

he is truly an imbecile in his present position.

as a culture we must ask demand that people in important social positions be competent; that they repsond to question with answers. this is NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK IN A DEMOCRACY

@Jonathan Krall: yes, joggers dressed in black wearing nothing reflective are basically invisible on the dark sections of the trail. A cyclist can usually avoid a collision, but only at the last moment and with no margin of error. Throw in any complication (someone passing, an animal running on the trail, etc.) and you've got a really dangerous situation. My perception is that most of the "ninja joggers" have no real idea just how invisible they are. Contrast that with someone wearing reflective clothes, which can be seen from a couple hundred feet, giving plenty of time to consider and plan for a safe interaction. It's not at all uncommon for me to see someone with reflective pull-tabs on the back of their sneakers, or rather, for me to see a disembodied pair of shoes running along the trail--because the only thing visible is those reflective tabs.

FYI on the tax link--Most of the deductions listed for driver are available to cyclists as well (e.g. donations of bikes, casualty deduction from an accident.)

But they omitted the biggest ripoff for drivers: If you driver for a living you can deduct more than 50 cents per mile driven against both the income and social security taxes, even if your total costs are actually less.

The rules for the WO&D are the reason so many people ignore rules. It's counterproductive because completely senseless rules lead to people thinking that all rules are senseless.

@DE Gee, I usually say that when discussing the rampant violation of speed limits and red lights around the metro area. Only rarely do I complain about those evil park-hours-violating cyclists :-)

SJE: you can't say cyclists factor into the number of deaths when none died.

@UE, do you know I could mention it to my employer? They withhold money for other folks to avoid taxes on mass transit. I don't even do that because I bike so much. I will send them this article and see if it's a possibility.

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